Oxford TRIZ Live: Fundamental Problem Solving

Monday 9 - Friday 13 November 2020

Transform your creative problem solving with this Oxford TRIZ Live online course led by Oxford TRIZ experts. Learn how to tackle any kind of problem systematically and confidently using TRIZ tools and techniques.


Expert tutors

All sessions led by Oxford TRIZ Experts with 10+ years' experience in TRIZ innovation and problem solving

Live online learning

5 x one-hour sessions over 5 days followed by optional small-group workshops for in-depth discussion

TRIZ community

Automatic access to our members' site and discussion forum when you register for the course

"It is a great package. So much useful information cleverly packed into a modular, visual and enjoyable 'transmitting tool.'"

Dr Michaela Kreiner
Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

"I have learnt new and powerful ways of looking at problems differently to come up with new and viable solutions. It is a toolset that I think all engineers would find useful. Great course!"

Chartered (Aeronautical) Engineer

"I spent a very enjoyable week picking up the basics of TRIZ, and I honestly can't understand why everybody isn't doing it"

Sarah Le-Fevre
Games-based Learning Designer

"​I’ve attended far too many webinars and courses where I’ve not gotten my money's worth. With the Oxford TRIZ Live course I’m still referring to my notes and the resource materials long after the course has ended...I'm using what I've learnt right now!!!"

Rosemary Chude-Sokei
Performance Assessment & Reporting, Healthcare

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Webinars begin at 10:30am GMT followed by small group workshops at 2.00pm GMT Monday to Friday.*

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Interactive and practical

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*Course timings don't work for you? Please feedback - if we receive enough interest we may run a course that suits you better!


What's covered in the course?

This course will give you a solid foundation in TRIZ concepts, tools and techniques, and get you up and running and using them for yourself to solve real problems. TRIZ is not just for engineers and scientists - it works on any kind of problem, and Oxford TRIZ gives you just enough theory and plenty of practice so you build your confidence quickly.

Adopt the habits of genius thinkers with the TRIZ tool for Thinking in Time and Scale. Learn how to stretch your understanding of any situation using 9 boxes, and take your problem-solving beyond the here and now to discover new possibilities. Thinking in Time and Scale is a great place to start your TRIZ learning journey. It’s powerful, versatile and can transform your view of any situation!

Have you ever had an impossible problem where every attempt to solve it only made things worse? If so, you were probably wrestling with contradictions! In this session you’ll discover powerful techniques to avoid unsatisfactory compromises and get everything you want using the 40 Inventive Principles, The Contradiction Matrix and the Separation Principles. Learn to uncover conflicting requirements in any situation and systematically resolve anything bad that occurs.

You don’t need a crystal ball to see the future! TRIZ research uncovered that all products, processes and technical systems evolve in highly predictable ways to meet needs better over time. In this session you’ll learn simple techniques to predict the future trajectory of your own systems, strengthen your IP and generate ideas for next generation products. The 8 Trends of Technical Evolution take the guesswork out of invention and help you use your expert knowledge extremely efficiently!


Creative people (ie all of us) love solving problems! The trouble is, we seem to be hard-wired to fall in love with our own ‘genius’ solutions! TRIZ shows us there are always many good ways to solve a problem, and by following simple, logical steps, we broaden our options and find the best possible solutions. In this lesson you’ll learn about The Ideal and how understanding benefits, functions and resources can drastically improve problem-solving outcomes.

Einstein famously said that we should make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler. In this session we'll introduce you to a powerful combination of tools for developing simple, elegant systems. Discover Oxford TRIZ Function Mapping - a step-by-step technique for visualising any system and highlighting problem areas at a glance. Then learn how to apply the Oxford TRIZ Trimming Rules and the 76 Standard Solutions to eliminate harms in your system and increase benefits through radical simplification and clever use of resources.

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