Oxford TRIZ Live: Patent and IP Development

Monday 8 - Friday 12 February 2021

Looking to develop and extend your patent strategy and deliver stronger patents? Learn the essential TRIZ tools and processes that you can use to derive greater value from and protect your intellectual property in just 10 hours.

This Oxford TRIZ Live online course follows on from our Fundamental Problem Solving course - buy them both together in our special offer.


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All sessions led by Oxford TRIZ Experts with 10+ years' experience in TRIZ innovation and problem solving

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5 x one-hour sessions over 5 days followed by optional small-group workshops for in-depth discussion

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Webinars begin at 10:30am BST followed by small group workshops at 2.00pm BST Monday to Friday.*

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Buy both Oxford TRIZ Live courses together for a special discounted rate. Get Fundamental Problem Solving AND Patent and IP Development (next qualifying course Feb 2021) for just £1000 + VAT (saving £300)

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What's covered in the course?

This course will show you how to create, extend and protect IP using the Oxford TRIZ Toolkit, as well as exploring how to legitimately and ethically access rival IP – or knowledge previously protected.

Ever wondered how top inventors come up with their ideas? In this module you will learn how to mimic the habits of genius thinkers through IDEAL thinking when developing innovative products and patents.

You will learn to apply the Oxford TRIZ unique IP Roadmaps for stronger IP and explore the three logical ways to invent by matching NEEDS to SYSTEMS.

By the end of this module you will know how to simplify complex ideas using Idea/concept and the Prism for Patents and save time and effort by accessing existing ideas through the Oxford TRIZ Effects Database.

A core advantage of Oxford TRIZ is the ability to develop clear thinking. Learn how to use TRIZ Tools to map the strengths and weaknesses of a patent ‘at a glance’ and develop strategies for extension and protection.

Learn and apply the Oxford TRIZ tools for Invention, including Time & Scale Context Map in 9 Boxes, mobilising resources through the X Factor and mapping Benefits/Functions/System

The heart of clear problem understanding is in the Oxford TRIZ tool for Function Mapping. Stretch your understanding of any situation using this powerful Oxford TRIZ approach, which reveals all problems and insufficiencies in systems to be patented.

Achieve extra benefits by simplifying, removing components rather than adding any, and then by following the Oxford TRIZ TRIMMING flowchart. TRIZ TRIMMING transforms IP approaches and reduces costs while delivering fundamental improvements.

Apply TRIZ to smash your psychological inertia in overcoming contradictions. Break out of limited thinking and see all possibilities in designing new systems. Access and apply all patent knowledge to improve your patents. Overcome limited thinking by applying the 40 TRIZ ways of resolving contradictions (Inventive Principles) and know how to resolve all conflicts. These solutions were revealed by analysing all known patents by the TRIZ community in the last century but are fundamental truths which are relevant to efficient current and future technology advancement

The unique Oxford TRIZ 8 Trends of Evolution transforms all IP approaches and shows how to protect your patent territory, predict likely future developments and protect them too.

This is a standalone part of the toolkit and can be mastered in about an hour and applied immediately to develop IP approaches.

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